Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I'm an alien.....I'm a legal alien...

Hej hej from Sweden!! Sorry it's been a long time coming, folks, but I have been busy busy up here in Norrbotten, and to be honest, completely forgot all about updating the blog (I know, never a wise move when you run a blog...I mean what's the point if you type nowt? DOH).
So we're basking in a balmy minus 17.8 degree centigrade at the moment, and the last thing The Swede said to me before he left for work this morning, was that it was currently very cold (minus 22 at that point), and that he would advise me & My Son to stay in today.
Damn. I have been very much enjoying exploring what will be our new home town in just a few short months. My Son and I have got all the important stuff sorted first-e.g the best burger joint for him (Max or Tasty Burger), and the best supermarket for Mum (aka me), so that we shall never run out of potato bread or semlor (when semlor are in season, that is).
For those of you who have never heard of semlor, it's a quite delicious confection, made from hollowing out a cardamom flavoured bun, and refilling it with almond paste, and whipped cream. Then the top is put back on. MM-mm!!! sadly, they're a limited edition kind of thing, and will be disappearing soon, but at least I tried them and can look forward to the same time next year :-D.
Tonight The Swede & I are going out for a belated Valentines dinner. I hate doing that on Valentines night itself, as it feels kind of artificial, all those couples crammed in together, with their special heart-shaped menu blah blah blah. Much better to wait a couple of days and go out for a good steak without all the bullshit, I reckon.
Swedes are in love with steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and basically all kinds of meat. I reckon life would be pretty tough for a veggie here! I've never been one to eat loads of meat (couldn't afford it anyway), but I have been shocked to see what kinds of meat are on the menu at times.
Take the argument which The Swede and I had last night because he had a horse meat sandwich for supper (bleurgh!!!). I went round the kitchen, paranoid that there were bits of it left over that I would somehow touch (I do the dishes when he's at work), and we ended up "having words" over it. I suppose I was a bit anal, but meat? I thought it was only The French that ate that stuff, and everyone EXPECTS them to do it! But not The Swedes!! Anyway, suffice to say, we've drawn a line under it now, and the wretched stuff has been confined to the freezer, to come out presumably on february 25th, after My Son and I have flown home. Yum!!