Saturday, 13 November 2010

Don't piss me off by taking my pictures!

This week I had the dubious honour of one of my so-called friends, ripping off MY photos from Facebook, & sticking them on HER blog, without my permission. Compounded by the fact that she added cute little captions, as if she was the one that took them. These pictures were pictures which myself & my other half took at the Technical University here, when Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria visited. Naturally, there were lots of people who turned out to see her & her husband, Prince Daniel. My friend was also apparently there, but I didn't see her, as the place was heaving. The photos that she took aren't that great, so I guess she thought she could take ours and add them to her pictures...
Now, I'm all for people having fun and doing blogs about their lives, but what hacks me off is the fact that HER blog is about HER life, so why should it be littered with MY photos? And without permission too?
I haven't felt able to raise this with her, as she would probably be absolutely mortified if she knew she had annoyed me like that, and I don't want to cause a rift or anything. Friends are thin on the ground when you first move to a new country!
So instead, I took the opportunity to post a link on Facebook to a story on from yesterday. This story is about another Facebook picture rip-off, and the fact that doing this without someone's permission is actually against the law here.
Do you think she will take the hint? I wait with baited breath.....
Moral of the story, folks: If you think someone's pictures on Facebook are great, & you want to show others, then at least have the decency to ask them first (I would have said yes on this occasion, had she done this). Oh, and give them a picture credit too. Then you won't piss off your friends or the polis!!