Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Farewell, dear friend...

It was losing a follower which kicked my arse back into action after a long period of inactivity. Sorry folks. What can I say.....preparing for the imminent Swedish move (less than 7 days til blast off) left me with so little time for myself, it wasn't funny.
The flat looks like a bomb went off in a rubbish factory, we've been eating crappy food because I haven't had time to shop properly, and people have gone unwashed (i.e me).
Between all the packing, and admin (today I collected our medical records summaries from the doctor, went for an eye test & chose new glasses, managed to fit in a quick shop at Sainsburys, hoovered the flat, filled approx 6 boxes, cleared out about a zillion drawers, finding everything from smelly old teddies to strange unidentifiable bits of plastic that had dropped off various toys, had a guy in to do a kitchen worktop repair, washed dishes, washed clothes, and tried to control my extremely badly-behaved son....phew!), I feel like my head is about to explode!!
Tomorrow The Swede arrives (from Sweden, funnily enough), and I shall have to prepare him for the disaster zone that my place is, on the airport bus home. We have family coming up at the weekend from England to help take furniture away, and also I have kept stacks of things I think they might be interested in, so all that stuff is sitting around in bags also. Only because it's worth money, or useful to children in the family, or I would have been brutal and binned the lot.
To top it all off, we have seen some horrible creepy crawlies in the flat lately-mostly in my son's room. We have noticed little brown caterpillar-like things crawling along the bedroom carpet, and I know from experience in my previous flat (which also had old crapets) * just noticed I had a typo there, but am leaving it, because "crapets" is a much better wordfor them, that these are carpet beetle larvae. Lovely!! Oh it's going to be sooooo pleasant to clean this place when it's finally emptied, around Sunday-ish.
I'm making a mental note that I also need to remember to pay the lady from whom I have ordered some gorgeous cup-cakes for our family party (yes folks, as if it wasn't all enough, I'm hosting a champagne & canapes (and cupcakes!!) party for my family on Sunday. Which will be preceded by a cinema/pizza sleepover for my son and his friends the night before).
I must need my bloody head read.