Thursday, 24 December 2009

..Tis the season to be jolly...

So we're here at my parents' house here in Northeast England. Present for the holidays are myself and My Son, my parents, my brother, and my sister & her husband and two kids will be joining us tomorrow.
Already my Dad is in a frenzy, cooking everything in sight to within an inch of it's life-whether it needs it or not. When I heard my Mum ask him why he was cooking so much stuff, he was heard to reply that it would save time tomorrow, as they will have enough to do already. So, I guess nobody should expect anything hot to eat round here tomorrow! It seems the concept of just cooking things e.g quiches just before they are due to be eaten, has completely passed him by......oh well...
Already my dear family have been embroiled in several arguments, in that good old Christmas tradition of family bitching. My Son has been berated for spending too much time on his games console, I've been called "She" too many times for my liking, and my depressive brother has been told to "liven up" on several occasions. Also, when questioning why my parents constantly leave the curtains to the room in the house with the most electronic finery, open for all the world to see in (including burglars), my Dad ripped my head off (in the verbal sense, obviously, or I wouldn't be blogging now) Which leads me to a conclusion-OLD PEOPLE ARE NUTS!!
Never mind the -30 temperatures in Northern Scandinavia right now, come next Christmas, I'll be rejoicing in it!!!
For now, though, I have to sit tight and hack it as best I can....
Now where's that chocolate?


  1. OMG...this post made me laugh ;-) I think I will have fun following you. Although I am a few years older than you, I do believe we are going to get along just great. I look forward to hearing more about life in the UK as a single mom.
    your new friend across the pond,
    PS...I have two fabulous sons and if you ever need any helpful hints just give a yell to the west ;-)

  2. Thanks Janet-very kind of you!! :-)