Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! Sorry for not blogging before now, but it's been a whirlwind here, the past few weeks, as The Swede was visiting, and of course, the fact that he doesn't know about the blog (nor indeed, does anybody else, except yourselves...shhhh), kind of hampered the whole writing thing!!
Well anyway, now he's gone, having returned to that extremely cold country which will soon be our joint home, along with several useful/less gifts from myself & my family, not least the Top Gear dvd & chocolate truffles (Personally, I think they're good gifts!).
It feels a bit odd, not having him here, as he was here for a whole two weeks, which I think is the longest time he has ever been here for. Having said that, it will also be lovely to occasionally forego the evening shower so I can get to bed earlier, and indeed, I no longer have to wear the awful gum guard thing my dentist made me, when I told him that I am, apparently, a teeth-grinder, so The Swede can get a good sleep! (Sexy, huh?). Now I just need The Swede to sort his snoring problem, & maybe the two of us will get a good night's sleep in future (as opposed to just him).
So how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was as expected, as per the last post. There was a Grand Explosion from my brother on the 25th, during which he broke down crying & my dad (who isn't the emotional sort) had to give him a cuddle & a pep talk. We all consumed lots of unhealthy cold food (again, see last post). Having said that, my Christmas dinner was really lovely. I completely cleared my plate, which must have been a first.
We didn't go out at all, because of the crappy weather (horrendously icy) and lack of road gritting by the council, except for a quick trip to a shopping centre in Washington, Tyne & Wear, that me & My Mum went to, to exchange something. This place is known as The Galleries, and is so crap, it's worth Googling, for a laugh (I don't know how to add a clickable link). Put it this way-it's the sort of place where people look at you funny if you aren't wearing a football shirt, massive gold hoop earrings, and smoking like a chimney (all over your child). Needless to say, it was a case of in and out.
Think I'm gonna head to bed now-have had a very boring evening of cooking, helping My Son with his homework (and coping with some horrendous behaviour from him, too), and getting interrupted every 5 minutes by one of my young neighbours, who, having discovered there was something wrong with his door lock, kept knocking to ask me if he could borrow everything from de-icer (I don't have a car, therefore no need for de-icer, sorry) to coathangers to try & pick the lock (had to be a certain style, mind), to storing his shopping in my freezer, until he could get into his place & put it in his own. Of course, I had a peek in case he bought anything exciting-but it was frozen fish, peas, and sausages. Disappointing, to say the least. Never mind. Maybe next time it will be southern fried chicken or Carte D'Or ice-cream. Would be a shame if THAT went missing!! :-D
Night night.