Thursday, 21 January 2010

Help...I'm turning into my mother...

Ever since the New Year, I have had a niggling feeling that the slow morphing process that would turn me into a proper middle-aged person, was beginning. It's quite a worry. Here is the evidence:

1/ Instead of litre upon litre of diet coke, my usual drink is now a cup of tea (I was never a tea-drinker).

2/ It's now a good thing to put my pyjamas on at 5pm.

3/ I frequently go to bed the same time as, or shortly after, my 10 year old son.

4/ I plan our meals days, sometimes weeks, in advance, and have a list stored on my mobile phone. I originally started doing it as a money-saving exercise, so that I could run thru what we already had in the cupboards in my head and plan meals to suit, instead of shopping aimlessly and wasting lots of cash. However, we've not been that badly off for money lately, & I'm still doing it...

5/ I don't have a clue who or what music is in the charts right now. When did I stop listening to the radio?

6/ I'm obsessed with checking the Sky news website every 5 minutes.

7/ I use coupons in the supermarket. I never used to give a s**t about coupons!

8/ I vacuum every day.

9/ Sadly, I'm attending more funerals.

10/ My son considers me an embarrassment.

So what do you think, people? Am I a proper mumsy-type now, or do you think there's any hope of pulling it back, and making myself appear a cool yummy mummy?


  1. Uh Oh! I just read through your list and recognised far too many of them for my liking. Although I don't do the vaccuming every day (although I probably should, and I'm definitely getting more fussy about housework). I still drink far too much Coke Zero (but plan to cut back this year). I have a vague idea of who's in the charts, but now feel like a try-hard putting them on my i-pod - even if I genuinely like them (ie: Pixie Lott, & Kesha). But the final nail in the coffin - my favourite website is no longer, it's Lakeland! My daughter is only 17 months old, but I'm sure if she was older, she'd be hideously mortified by my mere existence. x

  2. 聰明的人喜歡猜心 雖然每次都猜對了卻失去了自己的心 ..................................................

  3. Its never cool to approach 40. Then again its even less cool to try and pretend you're 25 when you're not. That's what I tell myself anyway.

    I saw in one of your blog entries that you were at the Metro Centre recently. Are you by chance a fellow geordie, or worse, a mackem ? There are a few of us floating around Sweden these days.

  4. Hey D, I can confirm I am indeed a Geordie (born in South Shields). No mackem connection, apart from my brother-in-law being one (not so bad if it's not a blood relative, eh?). Btw, I've seen your blog mentioned on Shane Whaley's blog before, but I admit I've never read it, as I heard it's usually in Swedish. As my current knowledge of Swedish mostly extends to words like blood, murder, and F***** hell (I'm a Wallander fan), I reckon it will take a while to know enough to be able to read you. Having said that, I checked it tonight, and saw your latest (English) post. So I might visit a bit more now I can read it, lol.
    So tell me all about the Geordies in Sweden....I had no idea there were so many of us there.....

  5. I've bumped into geordies in Stockholm, Uppsala and Lund. I think we're fanning out over the country like a virus.

    I enjoyed reading your blog btw. It'll be interesting to read as you're settling into Sweden.

  6. Thanks very much. I can't wait to make the move-I feel like I'm in limbo at present, waiting to go! Thankfully we're having a holiday there very very soon...yippee!!