Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Another good day at let's move on in case we jinx it...:-)

Today I have had a headache all day-whether this is due to my diet which I am being very good with, or something else, I don't know, but it won't shift..Grr.
I've just been searching online for train tickets, as when my boyfriend visits from Sweden in a couple of weeks' time, we will be heading off down to England for the weekend, so he can be introduced to my sister & her family-what fun. This is the same sister who texted me the other week, asking if it was serious between me and him, "as you're not getting any younger"(it's my 40th birthday on 6th October, just after we visit). Nice comment tho, huh? Talk about making someone feel like a desperate old maid...!!!

So there I was, on the National Express website, looking for train tickets to go mid-afternoon, as if you go any time after about 5pm on a Friday night down to my area of England, you will inevitably find yourself on the Hen Party or Stag Party Express, which, believe me, ain't pretty (train toilets are never nice at the best of times without being "used" by 15 absolutely wasted 20-somethings...eww). I still remember the time my son stood up after a load of tipsy women had done a loud rendition of "Donald, where's your trousers?", and declared "That was RUBBISH!!!"...cue much "Shush"-ing and cringing from me....

Thankfully I found us tickets, and am keeping absolutely everything crossed that they will still be there by this Friday, when I will have the money in my bank account to actually purchase them...eek!


  1. I am sure that your sister won't embarass you too much....

  2. He he...I wouldn't bet on it!! :-D