Sunday, 6 September 2009

So we're not long back from the kids party that we had been preparing for with hippy costumes etc. My son really enjoyed himself. It basically consisted of a 60's disco in a little recreation hall, where the boys and girls had separated themselves into two groups. . One group was getting really into the dancing, and the others stood around talking to their friends. Guess which group was which? WRONG!! The boys were actually the ones who were doing the dancing, while the girls stood tossing their hair and pouting! And no-they're not teenagers-these kids were 9 and 10!!
Having said that, the boys didn't take a blind bit of notice, and spent all their time running round like maniacs :-D
Somebody was smiling down on us today, as it didn't rain, which would have made the walk there & back absolutely horrendous (had no money for the bus), but as it was, we made it back tired but dry. I have to say tho, that my son got a few odd looks along the way, as he completely forgot about being shy on the way back, and walked along happily, with his Peace pendant and hippy clothes!! On the way there, it had been a different story-he had "proper" clothes on top of his costume!
Mummy was planning on finishing up last night's tacos in front of some tv tonight, but I'm not feeling too good..hmm....hope it's nothing to do with the 1 day out of date tuna filling I had in my baked potato for lunch..eek!
You know, since I started this blog recently, I've also joined some single parent websites, and boy I wished I'd done it sooner...the people are so nice and friendly and feels like a little community. Yes...maybe that's what I should do tonight instead of playing with fire by re-heating more food. I will be nice to my tummy and just spend the evening talking to my new friends instead. Aah...much better!


  1. Glad that you are finding some people to talk to. I know I'm not a single Mummy, but looking forward to getting to know you :)