Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Shock horror.....I actually forgot to post yesterday! I guess I've been so busy with preparations for The Swede's visit, & for our trip down South to attend my uncle's funeral, that it just slipped my mind.
That's the thing when you live away from your family-every supposedly simple event that you all require to go to together, becomes this huge operation. No popping into DVF for a simple but sober black wrap dress to wear, then flying down the country in a smart British Airways jet, while sipping complimentary Kenco Fairtrade coffee all the way, for me. Oh No, I'm the kind of girl who runs through the "George" section at Asda in a blind panic, because I have to pick up my son in half an hour, it takes 25 mins to walk there, and as I have no bus fare, that's what I'm doing. Actually, the clothes section at my "boutique" of choice is surprisingly rubbish lately-has George Davies jumped ship, & I'm just the only one who doesn't know? Despite the fact that a crappy, drizzly October is fast looming on the horizon, I could not get a classic, long-sleeved polo neck jumper for love nor money! Some of the clothes were so horrifically garish looking, that I wondered if they were the Halloween dress-up costumes instead, & I was in the wrong section! Day-glo pink jumper-things, with big rips in them, Tweety-pie t-shirts.....I think I'm getting too old for this.
Anyway, after a hastily purchased pair of smart black trousers, (in a bigger size than normal,damn it) & a pair of black patent pumps, I found the jumper I was looking for at my other "shopping paradise"-Sainsburys, while my son was in his Explore learning session (he wants to quit there, but that's another story). So panic averted. The fact that everything there costs twice as much as the former, well, C'est la vie I suppose (otherwise known as Sod's Law). Then of course, there is the trip-flying? Ha! No, my son and I will be slumming it on a National Express Railways train, which will no doubt smell of pee-pee (depending on where we sit), and charge the equivalent of a small African nation's debt, for a warm can of coke. And that's after we have had the "pleasure" of chucking out whichever numbskulls have sat in our reserved seats.
I might not be on here as frequently as normal in the next few days, as I have the funeral trip, & then a few days up North/down South with my family (depending on your location), and of course The Swede will be accompanying myself & my son on our trip home where we'll have a week before he goes home. During which we will celebrate my upcoming "Big" birthday (put it this way-it's not 30).
See you soon.

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