Monday, 7 September 2009

Dear God, Please. PLEASE. Pretty please....may I be allowed to visit the toilet in peace? Lately I have been interrupted in the middle of my morning routine by my son, at least 3 times, with such terrible emergencies as "Mum, I can't decide whether I want the Nintendo DSI for Christmas, or the PSP", and "Mum, you HAVE to come and see what just happened on my Star Wars game!".
Grr. I explained as calmly as I could (it's difficult to appear dignified when you are sitting on the toilet) that this wasn't an emergency, and that when I am in the bathroom, the only things I should be disturbed for, are if he hurts himself, there is somebody at the door, or the dinner is burning. I THINK he has taken it on board, as I haven't been disturbed in the middle of anything for at least 24 hours now.
I live in terror of being interrupted in the middle of even more private moments, every time my boyfriend visits.I have no idea how I will handle THAT if it ever happened. You can wait til kids are asleep, and even agree to be quiet....but I am sure kids have a sixth sense, as there have been a couple of close shaves.
Ok, so it's not even 8pm BST and I am already in my pyjamas, (actually I've had them on for over an hour!). My son is 10 years old on his next birthday, and I am wondering "Does the tiredness EVER stop?".
Of course, it's all worth itwhen he comes running out of school, gives me a huge smile, and says simply "Love you Mum"...


  1. Sounds like a great diet to me!

    The badge looks lovely!

    -A Modern Mother

  2. Hey...thanks so much for your kind words :-)
    Take care