Monday, 21 September 2009

A big Thank you goes out tonight to National Express East Coast trains, who, having been requested to change my train tickets for Fri 2nd Oct (when me, my son, & The Swede, are meant to be visiting my parents) to earlier in that week, so I could go to my uncle's (obviously unexpected) funeral, informed me that it would cost me the grand total of £60 (yes, SIXTY) to change the tickets. This is more than the actual tickets cost in the first place, and is impossible for me to pay as a single mum. The lady at the other end of the phone told me that they charge £10 each passenger, each way (making £60 for me, my son, & The Swede) to make alterations. What service, huh? So, NXEC trains-Thank You for nothing, you s***s.
So I hope you excuse me if I make it a short post tonight. I'm just so frustrated & upset. I also had the joy of discovering earlier this evening, that my son had forgotten to do his homework which should be handed in tomorrow. I, being in the middle of many family phonecalls to try & sort out the funeral travel arrangements/mess, had not only forgotten to remind my son to do said homework, but had also forgotten to cook vegetables to go with my dinner tonight, so distracted was I at trying to cook with one hand (the other welded to the phone). The upshot of today is that I am now stuck with expensive travel tickets to go down to see my parents soon (when they won't even be there, as they'll be away to the funeral), I can't afford to buy more to actually go myself, I am going to worry about my son getting wrong re the homework matter tomorrow, and I am exhausted after taking ages to eventually cook my dinner tonight.

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