Monday, 14 September 2009

Today my son & I attended a meeting at the school with his headmistress, to discuss how we were going to handle him going back to school. She said that several of the bodies she approached for help, are looking to see if they can help us (again), and things sound quite hopeful. The school are also putting several things in place, including having certain staff members around in case he "loses it" etc etc. After the meeting he was taken off to rejoin his class by the head, while I went to the supermarket for a few things (as it wasn't worth going home by this time) and then go back for finishing time, approx one hour and 40 mins later.
Imagine my delight when he bounded out of school cheerfully, and sounding extremely positive about everything. It was wonderful, I'd never seen him like that before!
He then went on, apart from a bit of whinging when I cut short his playstation session (a re-instated treat after his suspension which he couldn't wait to try again) to behave very well all evening, until about 10 minutes ago.
After some 2 hours of messing around instead of going to sleep, and "needing" to get up for drink/toilet/sore random body part on far too many occasions, I had cause to tell him off and tell him firmly to GO TO BED NOW.
Following which he lost it, attacked me, and then called me "Fatso" (Finally started my diet today). And so all the good work is undone....sigh.
On I plough.....


  1. Hey Pippa,
    Thanks so much for that. He's a lot better today. The first thing he did when he got up this morning, was apologise. He's also pretty grateful that, when we got to school, and it became apparent that it was the day they all get their photos taken (and Mummy had forgotten to give him a smart shirt and tie that day), I then walked all the way home, ironed a shirt, grabbed a tie, and brought it all the way back! Not only that, but I had new shoes on, so the blisters were crippling!! Lol. He owes me big-time now!! :-D
    P.s How's the diet going?