Friday, 25 September 2009

So, this week, The Swede was telling me that he was going to his cousin's for dinner tonight, and that she was bound to ask when we are moving in together, as indeed every one of his relatives asks him whenever they meet (even when I'm there!).
I jokily asked him what he was going to say, and then he came out with it....which was that his cousin & parents weren't the only people who think we should live together. Remembering that his sister is always on about it too, I said "Oh yeah, I forgot your sister". To which he replied "No, I didn't mean her....I meant me!!".
That was the first time he had actually come out and said it, and I was quite taken aback.Thinking that The Big Question might well be on the tip of his tongue turned me all coy. "Well, don't forget, I'm quite old-fashioned-you will have to ask me first" I typed back (we were actually on Msn).
To which he replied "I wasn't thinking straight away, we'd have to think about school arrangements etc etc". Don't quite know why, but that made me feel a little flat. Maybe it was my inner girlie, thinking my suitor might me about to Pop The Question?
Anyway, it's still a great result, & a very very positive thing for any partner to come out with. I know that we are both on the same wavelength regarding where we want things to go. I guess I'm quite often the impatient sort when I want something-especially something like this, when certain things actually have a timebar.
I am thinking, of course, about babies. My good friend (who happens to be The Swede's cousin) thinks that the time issue probably hasn't occurred to The Swede. However, I am, after all, almost hitting the big 4-0.
Don't know why I'm worrying really, as lots of older mums have babies these days without anything going wrong.....don't they??


  1. Older Mums do great. I know a woman who had two kids after she turned 40. And even though he didn't ask it on MSN, you know that he knows that Your Son is what is important hence the school comment! Oooh you have made me all excited!

  2. Aw, thanks Pippa! Yes, it is exciting, isn't it?!I can hardly contain myself sometimes, thinking about it! :-D