Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tonight my son and I sat down for our weekly dose of The Freak Show...otherwise known as the X-factor. The Mariah Carey fan who squeaked his way through "Hero" was the best laugh we had in ages....ooh, and I have it on my Sky+, so we can have a repeat performance if we fancy it-I know, I know...cruel...but so funny!
Well tomorrow my son is going to a birthday party, and get this-it's not just any old kids's a joint party for two of his classmates-very thoughtful of the parents involved to have a joint party in the first week of the month, don't you think? They get to halve their costs.....while we get to double ours....crafty. But as my parents said, it probably didnt even occur to both (two-parent) families how much strain it would put on some of the guests' families to have to buy two presents etc.
Not only that, but there's a theme-Hippies. So last week I found myself ordering a kid's hippy costume online from a fancy dress store, at a cost of £20.51-believe it or not, it was the cheapest one I could find. As were the presents-they were courtesy of the Sainsburys sale. So my son will be attending dressed in a floaty cream shirt, topped with a tasselled waistcoat (complete with beads hanging from the tassles), together with psychedelic patterned trousers, a peace pendant, little round John Lennon glasses (blue), and a frizzy wig....LOL. I must admit-he looks good!
Walking 45 mins to the venue in that get-up should be good for a laugh.....

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