Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I meandered up & down the aisles of the local Co-op, selecting a few things I needed (let's face it, a Co-op isn't usually for a full-on shop), and as I passed the end of one of the aisles en route to the till, I did a double-take. OH.MY.GOD. There, on 22nd September, resplendent in all it's purple glory, was a Cadburys. Advent. Calender.
I looked again and again, thinking maybe it was an Easter calender, or worse-still, one of the dreadful Halloween products creeping up everywhere these days (in my local Sainsburys, they have dancing, singing, pumpkins.Enough said). But No, siree. It WAS a Christmas advent calender.
I can't describe the terror this instills in the average,harassed, skint single mum like me. Thinking about Christmas already, folks? Come on!!! It's still 3 months away!!!
Anyway, I'm off to help my son with his reading practise now. He's still doing good at school at the moment, & I had quite a helpful chat with the educational psychologist today, who had thought of a few things they can do in class to help him, too. So it's all pretty positive just now...shhhh. I'm not going to shout too loud, just in case something happens.
Then I am off to bed for a gloriously early night. I just hope when I wake up tomorrow that they haven't put the Christmas lights up yet. 'Nite.

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