Thursday, 10 September 2009

Today I have been going slightly mad....well...madder than I already am ;-)
As my son has been suspended from school, I have had the task of looking after him all day when I am already stressed out from what has happened this week. Don't get me wrong-I'm a single mum, so I have him all of the time when he's not in school anyway, but during the weekdays I have got quite used to my little routine...a little cosy safeguard I suppose, after the awful days I used to have in my last job. It's very tame, but I reckon I'm due my tame moments after what they put me So to have my (dearly-loved by the way) son around during this time, can be a little unsettling. Anyway-this is my normal weekday routine when alone:
7.3o The latest we can get up without my son being late for school. Why, oh why is my bed always at it's most comfortable at this time??
8.20 Leave house to walk to school
8.45-ish Get to school knackered (it's a long way) and stand lurking while my son stands in the class line-up, scowling at me for being there to embarrass him
8.50 The bell goes but it's often another 5-10 minutes until the teachers drag themselves out to collect the kids.
I then walk home again, via Greggs the bakers (if I have money) for a nice fat bran scone with butter for my breakfast and once I get home I slather on lots of lovely strawberry jam...mmmmmmmm.I buy Tiptree jam when finances are good, but at the moment we are using the free jar of jam we got from the staff of the local Lidl store on the day that their rivals, Aldi, opened along the road. Ha ha...the customer always wins in these situations...
Any housework to be done comes next. Then, depending on how well getting my son up and out of bed went, I have a shower if I didn't have time before, and collapse on my lovely leather sofa (well, the landlord's lovely leather sofa, but you get my drift), and turn on the Sky + for some laughs in the form of Frasier, and some "Awwwww" moments in the form of the numerous baby programmes on offer on satellite tv these days. (Yes, I'm worryingly into these programmes lately, but more of that in later posts).
Granted-this might not seem like the most exciting or stimulating of days, but after working for 20+ years solid before wandering into the short-lived job from hell (see other posts) before walking out one fine day, I figure while I regroup and decide where I want to go next (I'm worried I can't quite figure that out yet), I've earned my right to have mummy's lazy days sometimes. A period of rest and calm and reflection, if you like.
I should also that I DO actually also keep my house spanking-clean, by the way-just in case you have visions of a "Waynetta-slob" type character from the good old Harry Enfield days. I'm more like a young-ish Hyacinth Bucket, I will have you know.....
Now I'm off to clean the toilet. Again.


  1. I love lazy mummy days too. Just never get any!

  2. Ha ha....think we've all been there! Unfortunately I don't have these days all the time...would be good tho!