Thursday, 3 September 2009

Last night, I bit The Swede's head off, bless him. Being the so-called organised woman that I claim to be, I had put a note on my Msn beside my photo, which said that I was taking my son to Taekwon-Do, and would not be back til after 8pm. However-being the disorganised chump that I actually am some of the time....I had failed to save said message properly, and so instead of paying full attention to the various drop-kicks, running side-kick-jump thingies and so-on, that all the kids were doing in the class, I had The Swede texting me every two minutes, saying he was worried about me because I wasn't online at our usual time, and was I ok? etc etc...
I couldn't even reply, because since we got together, my phone bills have been so humongous, that I have had to take a vow to text him once & only once per day (and I always save that for goodnight)...and if I broke that, it would no doubt open the floodgates to my usual extravagance. A bit like when I open a Choxi bar (my current favourite chocolate because it claims to actually be good for you), and I know as soon as I take a bite, that that sucker ain't gonna see the inside of the packet ever again!
So anyway, my son and I got in the house, and I was simultaneously trying to boot up my p.c (which is super-slow because I only have mobile internet due to not having a landline), & at the same time trying to hurry a 9 year old who thought he was Jackie Chan into bed, via the shower...aargh! And so when I finally managed to get online, unfortunately I let rip at The Poor Swede...eek! I quickly realised it was my fault for somehow not saving the message on Msn properly, but I felt so bad that I took the coward's way out, and hurriedly put the message back on, and told him he must have missed it. Now I feel like a heel......where's that Choxi bar?

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