Friday, 4 September 2009

This morning i got soaked. Absolutely bloody drenched!! Aargh! It's been raining non-stop here in Edinburgh for 2 days now, but as my son sometimes says when the weather is this bad "Never mind mum, at least it washes the dog poo off the pavements". And that's true. But really-why should it be any there anyway? The area where we live, is quite bad, and every day I see people wandering along, stepping in it, & treading it everywhere, & most of them not even caring. Because it's the norm. And that surely, can't be right?
I am becoming more & more disillusioned with Britain. Despite being born and bred here, & living here all my life (first in the Northeast of England where I come from, & then Scotland), I feel this country is becoming more and more dirty and shabby, and the people have no consideration or respect. I know I sound like an old granny, rambling on about "young people these days", but it's true!! I'll give you an example. Last October, I went to sweden for the first time-to meet someone I had met on the internet (Facebook, as it happens), and this is the bad relationship I sometimes refer to. Now, the relationship may not have worked out, but WOW, what a beautiful country they have there. Clean streets where you don't have to walk thru animal mess, takeaway wrappings, & vomit. Sorry by the way, I know today's subject is rather gross, but I'm on a roll
Even the people look healthy and happy, and the amount of happy dads pushing prams was WAY more than you see here.It's just a different life.
Anyway, after a few blissful days in Stockholm, I came back here, and got on a bus the day after, to pick my son up from school. As I got on the bus, 4 teenagers got on-two girls and two boys. Almost all of them had big gold earrings in, and checked caps, and were swearing as if they had Tourette's syndrome or something! One of the girls also had the obligatory baby with her (the other must have left hers at home).
I sat there and looked around at all the people sitting there with their faces turned away, not saying anything to the group for fear of getting stabbed, and I just thought "Welcome home Julie".
And I can't say it's got any better since then. Nobody seems bothered here any more...they're all content to live in squalor, have a rudimentary (at best) grasp of the English language all their lives, and doss their way thru life. Not me-I've had enough, and I have decided-if The Swede (my second Scandinavian, lol) ever asks me to move over there, me & my son are off!!!

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