Friday, 11 September 2009

Today I did the big "healthy" shop that I've been mentioning for a few days now...well, me and my son did it....what a nightmare!! It's rare that I have to shop with my son in tow-it's one of the perks about not currently having a job-it means I get to do all the things like shopping, dentist etc without my son being there too.....soooo much easier!! However, as he is currently suspended from school (cringe) , he is also my little shadow the past couple of days...

Today I thought I was going very well prepared-I figured out that if I took my travelling rucksack instead of just a few plastic carrier bags shoved in my handbag, I could carry everything on my back, and would therefore be skipping home gaily, hands-free.
Ha!! Shows what I knew! The reality was very different! I actually staggered home, with my backpack stuffed to capacity, carrying my handbag, and 5 (yes, FIVE) carrier bags! Not only that, but my son had a few things in his school bag which he had on his back too! How the HECK did we buy that much?

To be honest, I think part of it was that we split the shop between two supermarkets-we got a lot of stuff in the cheap shop, and then went over the road to the slightly more sophisticated supermarket for the exotic stuff we couldn't find previously. As the first shop was so cheap (they have a perfectly drinkable version of my favourite diet drink for about a 3rd of the price of "real" diet coke) in went two x 2 litre bottles to my backpack...and it all kind of snowballed from there!

By the time we finally got home, I thought I was going to die. I had gone out, wearing a fleece jacket as it looked so crappy, windy and rainy, that I figured I needed it. However, this being Scotland, as soon as we had dressed for that kind of weather, it was immediately like a beach in Florida. The weather here likes to play tricks on you, you see....if we'd dressed for the Florida beach, it goes without saying that the weather would have been like we were 1500 feet up K2. So you can never win.

Ok so if you've been reading all week, you will know that I am planning a new healthy eating regime. Out with the baked spuds and in with things like greek yoghurt, black beans, and avocados! As I predicted, however, the first day didn't quite run to plan, saying as we didnt go shopping til almost lunchtime. So I improvised. These were today's meals:

Breakfast: A 70-calorie Alpen bar. Pretty much like flavoured cardboard, but never mind.

Lunch: was the first day I have had money for weeks now, so I treated my son (and er, myself) to a McDonalds (But in my defence I had small fries!).

Dinner: Swedish meatballs (they were half-price in Sainsburys, what's a girl to do?), potatoes, brown sauce (not HP, but the Swedish kind, that they sell in Ikea. It's like a creamy steak sauce), peas, and lingonberry jam, the latter of which was fetched all the way from Sweden by my beloved.

This was followed by a flat Scottish crumpet with butter and jam.

So there. You can see I have pretty much failed, having said that, it's probably not practical to expect to start a diet on the day you go out for the shopping, because I had to buy so darned much, we were out for HOURS!!

At the very least, I can probably console myself with the fact that anything I have eaten today was probably all pre-burned off by the physical torture I went thru to get the food home in the first place! Mm....I wonder if there's a few calories left for a square of chocolate?

See you tomorrow.

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