Sunday, 13 September 2009

Today I'm doing my post fairly early, as I don't feel that great. Yesterday I wrote about our mysterious, and sudden fly problem. Well today the little blighters reappeared...I got to number 5 before bringing out the big guns of the fly spray that my son reminded me about. "Why didn't you use that yesterday?", I hear you say, but basically I actually forgot we had it (I never need to use it normally!), and secondly, I hate the thought of all that toxic chemical floating around my home afterwards.
However, I had no choice but to do it today...with the result that I now have a headache that a sledgehammer would be proud of inflicting :-(
I blasted the first 3 or 4 with a load of white stuff before scarpering from the room and hoping that was it, but on seeing another somewhere else, I read the instructions (ha!) and realised that it is possible to treat a whole room by shutting all the doors and windows, then giving a huge general blast into the air of the affected room, & running out and not going back in for 15 minutes. I noted the can said "ventilate the room thoroughly before re-entering", but as this is technically impossible (Who's gonna do that? The robot I keep specially for the purpose??? Huh?), I of course had to go in myself and open said windows. Now I feel bleurgh.....but my son, who I made stay out of the rooms concerned when I was doing this,is fine, which is all I really care about.
Aargh...never thought I would say this, but I can't wait for winter to come, and for flies to be a thing of the past for a few months!!
P.S It's 5 past 3 in the afternoon in the UK, but I am committing the cardinal sin of still being in my pjs at this hour, on a beautiful, sunny day, when, as every British person knows, it is a legal requirement that you hot-foot it to the nearest piece of grass, roll up your trouser legs, place a handkerchief on your head (Ok, so I don't think we do that anymore), and eat the ham sandwich you have taken with you from home.
Oh but what the heck....I always was a rebel.... ;-)


  1. What is it with flies? We have had so many over the last few days. I came down this morning to find at least 6 on our living room window and curtains - this after my hubby got rid of teh same amount yesterday afternoon. I hate them. Hoep the fly spray did the job and you are still fly-free.

  2. Thanks! What worries me most is the sudden-ness with which they have's creeping me out, thinking there might be a dead body in a nearby flat or something! (No old people in our block that I know of, Thank God).I saw one more after the big spray-a-thon, but the spray soon put paid to that too. Now hopefully there won't be any more!!