Saturday, 19 September 2009

As I bite into the meatball wrap, I at first think it's quite nice. Then, however, I change my mind, the more mouthfuls I take. What on earth was I thinking?
I just put 10 Swedish meatballs (Still half-price in Sainsburys, bargain hunters!) in a wrap, garnished with not only Felix burger relish (a brand I brought back from holiday), but also Felix Lingonberry jam. Meatballs-yummy on their own. Said burger relish and lingonberry jam-also nice on their own. However, I discovered to my dismay that they don't make a good combination. And because I'm on a diet (super-healthy foods during the week, but relaxing the type of food a bit at weekends and simply calorie-counting instead), I can't have anything else which is properly nice in it's place. Oh well, never mind. Today's diet (compared to the one earlier in the week which sounded like something out of Grazia magazine) was as follows:

Breakfast: None. Yes, I know it's the best meal of the day and all that, but I wasn't hungry.

Lunch: A chicken fajita lattice bake from Greggs the bakers. I know that Greggs food is super-unhealthy, but I figure it's just once in a while, so it doesn't matter.

Snack: A nakd bar (Google them, they're super-healthy AND tasty, plus they fill you up). Sorry, I am a bit of a techno-idiot and don't know how to include a clickable link in my blog post right now :-(

Dinner: Said meatball wrap.

Plus copious glasses of Sainsburys basics cola, which I was happy to discover recently, is now aspartame and other assorted rubbish-free. (It's also happily, virtually calorie-free).

No vegetables or fruit (unless you count the lingonberry jam in my wrap, and also the apple in the Nakd bar, that is). Eek.

Tonight's post is being written rather early, so that myself and my son (who is currently clapping enthusiastically at some guy's luck on "The Cube") can settle down to watch our usual Saturday night freakshow on ITV shortly.

Wonder if anyone would say that I have "The X Factor?" :-D


  1. Of course you count jam as fruit, how else would I get to my 5 a day? Sometimes I make more if I have lemon in my vodka & tonic

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! Love it! :-D