Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ok so I've been trying to work out a diet plan. I should explain that for the past few weeks, I have been so badly off for money that I had to just utilise whatever I had in my cupboards and freezer, so that I spent as little as possible. This Friday, however, will herald the arrival of my weekly income, and not as many bills to pay-which means we can afford to go grocery shopping!! Whoopee!!! Now I have been perusing various magazines, with a view to deciding what kind of route I'm going to go down (with a view to still keeping an eye on the cost, as even when there is money to go food shopping, it's never so much that I can buy what I want without thinking). In my ideal world, my daily diet would go something like this:
Breakfast: Organic porridge with mixed berries
Lunch: Avocado, salsa, & black bean wrap
Dinner: Edamame beans, ginger, garlic & red pepper stir-fry with brown rice
Snack 1: Greek style yoghurt with honey
Snack 2: Tablespoon of houmous with chopped vegetables.
Now I should state here that I'm not a vegetarian-I just enjoy lots of vegetarian foods, but I am still partial to deep fried shredded chicken in chilli sauce from the Chinese takeaway-strangely enough a takeaway which I can only ever get here in Scotland...not when I go home to England to visit.
The reason I picked that diet day out of the many that I have looked at is that it sounds so full of flavour and so exciting, that I don't think it would feel like really going on a diet. Maybe this is where I am going wrong, as my typical diet day would in reality go something like this:
Breakfast: Buttered bran scone from Greggs (I add jam when I get home...naughty)
Snack: Pack of snack-a-jacks (sour cream flavour, usually)
Lunch: Weight watchers ready meal
Dinner: Depending on the calories I have left, either flavoured chicken with salad and potatoes, or a baked potato with either tuna or cheese filling, plus salad.
Followed by a blowout on chocolate because I am both hungry and BORED!!
So I have decided that I'm going to make a lot more effort in future. I guess part of the reason that I've let exciting flavours and cooking pass me by these last few years is that my son is an extremely fussy eater. and feeding him has been such a struggle that it's knocked my enthusiasm for cooking out of me somewhat. This coming from the woman who once competed in Masterchef!! (I did, honest).
So I am planning on going shopping Friday morning,all being well with my finances, and I will post here how I get on with my new flavoursome regime!!


  1. That sounds lovely! I find that if I ban myself from chocolate then all I want is chocolate. It might be worth keeping some small pieces in the freezer to suck on when you get bored, or do what I have taken to doing and chew gum!

  2. I love your menu plan! I wish I had the time to eat properly - as you can imagine my diet involves mostly cake based items...hehe


  3. Hey Pippa, good idea re the chocolate! I know what you mean...when you ban yourself you completely crave it, so I'll definitely do that. Thanks! :-)

    Liana....mainly cake based items? OMG.....I'm so jealous!!!!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

  4. I love the sound of your menu plan. I'm a lapsed vegetarian, but my partner is veggie so we tend to cook a lot of stir fries.
    I keep an emergency jar of Nutella for my chocolate fix!

  5. Oh we LOVE Nutella in our house....in fact I have a pic of my Nutella-covered son pulling an absolutely ridiculous face after sucking a lemon on pancake day this year. He looks quite deranged...lol.