Thursday, 17 September 2009

Today I've been marvelling at the wonders of a certain Social Networking site. Nowhere did I ever think I would A/Make so many friends, B/Meet my nice man, and C/End up friends with "Frasier" from the (it's true).
Facebook has brought me more than I ever thought, after joining up soon after I left my job last year.For one thing, I've taken a city break to Dublin (where my friend Tom & I sat sipping the most heavenly Irish coffee in The Clarence Hotel, which is owned by U2), and have also visited Sweden 3 times. Don't get me wrong-I'm skint, & I can only ever afford to fly Ryanair, but as a single parent, it's also nice to get away sometimes. I never usually get to go out here, as, with all my family in England, I don't have any babysitters handy. And to hire one....well, I'm sure you all know what that's like...more expensive than the darned night out in the first place......hence I can save up & afford a trip away occasionally...yippee!!
My diet is still going good-I'm really determined this time, I absolutely HAVE to do this properly this time, instead of losing a bit and putting it all back on (plus more). I always said I didn't want to be overweight and 40.....but as I'm 40 in a couple of weeks, I think sadly, it's unavoidable...
Never mind, I'm going to manage it this time, albeit a bit later than I would have liked! I'm already thinking about the shock on my boyfriend's family's faces next time I go over!! Oh, you should see the Scandinavians!!! Some of them are like supermodels!! Nothing like that to make you feel inadequate :-D
Today's post is going to be short & sweet, as I am a little hungry, so I figure the quicker I go to bed, the less chance of me raiding the fridge or...damn it...just remembered I have some gorgeous strawberry & apple viennese tarts from Aldi in the cupboard....aargh. OK STOP. DON'T DO IT!!!!

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