Monday, 28 September 2009

Tonight I am very very tired, after ploughing through that most hated of household tasks-ironing. Lord, if I could only afford to pay someone to do it, that would be grand! But sadly, since the days when I could afford to pay someone (and/or actually find someone I trusted enough to enter my home) are long gone, then the buck stops at me.
I have been working my way through various non-enjoyable household tasks today actually, in preparation for The Swede's visit. I always like to make sure the house looks as nice as possible for him coming, I think that's only polite, given the large distances and various stop overs which he has to endure to come over. He might travel for half a day to see me, but at least when he does, he will have a clean pillow to rest his head on :-) The worst tasks I did today, and tomorrow I have reserved for such joys as mopping the floors, shopping, & emptying the hoover!
Boy, am I living La Vida Loca or what?
What household tasks do other people hate doing most? I'd love your comments!

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