Saturday, 12 September 2009

My reindeer lost 2 legs today. It lost the same ones a few months back too, but my dad kindly re-attached them for me shortly after. Only last month it also lost it's antlers, and so it now looks like a 2-legged donkey.
I am, of course, talking about my cute little wooden reindeer keyring which I bought myself on a Scandinavian city break, back in April (the one thing I could afford to buy myself ha ha)-OBVIOUSLY I don't keep a real reindeer here in my flat, and my dad isn't some sort of super pioneering reindeer-limb re-attachment guy.
You know, maybe it's some kind of weird karma because I ate some of it's pals back in July when I was in Swedish Lapland to meet my boyfriend's parents? I'm normally quite squeamish when it comes to Game, but it was cooked in honour of my visit, so it would have looked awful if I hadn't at least tried it (a bit like gristly beef, but The Swede reckoned I just picked a dodgy end bit). Of course, British kids being what they are sometimes, my very fussy son could not be persuaded to try it, and my poor hosts obviously couldn't understand what I was playing at when I declared loudly at the dinner table "Mm! This STEAK is lovely!! Try some?" to my son, while at the same time winking furiously to the adults around.
My boyfriend's dad, bless him, then turned to my son with the plate and said "Would you like to try some reindeer meat?" crafty mummy was rumbled, and so no reindeer was eaten by said son!! Fussy kids clearly aren't a problem over there, as it never occurred to them to play the ridiculous games that I sometimes resort to, to get things eaten!!
Well, let's did today's diet day go? Suffice to say, that the black beans are still in their can, and the avocado also escaped being chopped up and mashed up with cumin & lime juice to pile into a wrap. Don't get me wrong.....I am looking forward to it...but maybe Monday is a better day to start "Properly"?
Oh God....I know.....I'm employing delaying tactics like you wouldn't believe, aren't I? Ok, I PROMISE-Monday is THE day!!
My excuse for today is that we seem to have some kind of strange fly problem round here, as I ahem, "removed" 14 flies from various windows around my flat today (with the help of several rolled-up magazines, that is). I don't think I have actually ever had 14 flies in all of my time in this block of flats (8 years on the 14th Sept), and so it's been freaking me out a bit, wondering if we have something rotting somewhere that I don't know about..hence said fly party. They seem to go away when it got dark tonight, so I'm thinking it could also be a problem with my window frames, and they're getting in a hole somewhere.
This time tomorrow I will probab ly be found staggering around my home, wild-eyed from lack of sleep (thru dreams of maggots et al), manically stalking anything that moves with a rolled-up "Reveal" magazine.
Oh well....better go and cheer myself up by watching one of my baby programmes...altogether now..."Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!".

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