Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I have a confession to make......I'm a little plump...well, maybe the correct phrase is a little overweight.
Oh God, who am I kidding? I'm FAT!! Well there, I said it.....cringe. S'pose there's no point being in denial....since I went thru a load of crap this past year, with the failure of what I thought could be a big relationship, and walking out on my job (not to mention the best friend/flatmate who turned into a violent psychopath), my solution has been to feed my face...with everything I can lay my hands on!
I actually did staggeringly well on a diet called the lemon detox diet late last year, & felt (and looked) fantastic...however, instead of following their healthy eating recommendations when I came off the diet (by this time I was involved in the relationship which went bad), I started eating my own weight in chocolate on a regular basis because I was depressed!!
Now, although I have someone who seems nice and stable in my life, I'm still left with all this accumulated weight, and guess what? I also eat because I'm happy!! Aargh! Something's going to have to change...because I don't want to be fat and 40. Here goes :-)

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