Saturday, 26 September 2009

Took my son for his 1st guitar class today. It looked such fun that I decided I didn't mind the early morning after all! (Love my lie-ins on a Saturday & Sunday, but had to get up pretty early today for the class at 10am). At one point the teacher was playing the James Bond theme in a chatty bit of the class, & told us that the disused old school we were sitting in, was actually Sean Connery's school when he was a boy! Quite cool, I thought!
So my son has decided this whole guitar thing is really cool, and is full of enthusiasm about it. Long may it continue!
On a totally different subject, why is it that certain things and people always pop up to remind us of the past when things are going well in the present? The bad relationship I talk about sometimes....I haven't talked to The Man in ages...then lo and behold, here he is tonight on Msn. And like a moth to a flame...I'm straight in there to say Hello, & enquire how things are with him.
In my defence, he just lost his dad, and his mum is very sick also, and maybe I am just being too kind, but I can't stop myself caring how he is coping, even though he broke my heart into a million pieces. What worries me is that maybe I still have feelings for him underneath that veneer of asking how he is coping, because we never had an ending, & I to this day, don't know what went wrong.

On a lighter note, The Swede and I were texting and Msn'ing earlier (just so darned expensive to call each other, so we have to make do with other methods), and we have decided we need a game plan as far as The Big Move goes. I broached the subject of our conversation of the other day about it all, & I said that maybe we shouldmake a plan regarding when we are going to do certain things, as there's not just us to think about..there is the flat (which I have to give notice on), and of course we need to work out when would be best to take my son out of school. Especially given the problems he has had lately.It's all got to be handled pretty delicately. Some of the things we have thought of are these:

I need to get a personnummer (kind of a Swedish National Insurance number. Without it it is impossible to open a bank account, or get a job, or anything, basically).

We need to decide re the schooling issue & have meetings with my son's headmistress to see if she can assist.

We need to contact an international movers to see if we can actually afford for me to move all my stuff over there!! (I want my son to keep as many familiar things around him as possible, right down to the few bits of furniture we own in this furnished rented flat at present).

Umm, sure there are a few other things, but I'm so tired, I forget them right now. Time for bed, methinks.

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