Sunday, 20 September 2009

Today I've managed to avoid going out at all-my excuse being that I am still in a fair bit of pain, owing to the new shoes purchased from that most salubrious of shops (ASDA), last week.
Lordy, it's coming to something when Asda DOES actually feel like luxury!! in "I never get to buy myself anything, so this is fantastic".
Last week I bought both a pair of Skechers-like shoes (the ones with the weird little strap which you pull over the front of your feet and put thru a buckle on the side. Difficult to fasten if you have fat feet like mine, I discovered), and a pair of trainers. Unfortunately, they didn't have any black trainers, so when I wear my new white ones, I probably look like a chav. But hey, I live in a crummy part of town, so if the boot fits and all that...
As a result, I have been in agony, trying to break them in. I've been hobbling around the house wincing all week, and you know what my son said? At his poor sore mummy?
"Why do you have to use all my Star wars plasters?".
There I was, wondering how I am actually going to manage my household and parental duties over the next couple of weeks til my feet toughen up, and that was all he could say. Never mind...what can you expect from a to be fair, his plasters were bought overseas.
Which means I have added yet another item to The Swede's shopping list of stuff to bring us when he comes over in 11 days (and I am also to blame for him now having to check in a case, when previously he was just bringing hand luggage. But he's being very good about it :-D ) The list reads as follows:

3 boxes of chocolate brownies (best I ever tasted, and my mum thinks so too, so he's bringing some especially for her too).

1(or maybe 2) large loaves of polarbrod, which is a gorgeous soft bread that The Swedes eat for breakfast. You can buy a similar kind in Ikea over here.

Two "Taco tub" kits. You know these taco kits you get here, with the awkward-shaped tacos which fall to bits as soon as you bite into them? Well over there, you get little tubs instead, like a little edible dish to put your dinner in. Soooo much more civilised.

2 packets of Star Wars plasters. Please God, let them be in stock or I'm in for it.

I do look forward to seeing The Swede very much, currently it's been about 6 weeks since he last went home, but it feels like forever. Must admit though, I am quite nervous about our trip down to the Northeast for him to meet my sister. She would make Hyacinth Bucket look slovenly, sometimes you daren't breathe in her house....

In the meantime it looks as if my son and I will be taking an earlier trip down "home", in order to meet up with the family trip down to my uncle's funeral in Kent. So a lot of travelling for us in the next couple of weeks, but not as much as The Swede, I guess.

I am also very much looking forward to being taken out for dinner on my 40th birthday by my nice man, as due to a combination of bad timing, bad luck, and meeting horrible men, it is many years since I was actually in a relationship on my birthday...whoo-hoo this year then!! :-)

Maybe this is my luck coming right for once.........let's hope it continues!!

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