Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Today my son had a good day at school, which cheered me up no end, and I also had a good friend come over for a glass of wine, some pasta, & a good gossip. Having said that, I couldn't afford a fresh bottle of wine, so we had to make do with the half bottle I'd had in the fridge for ages...cringe (I'm such a good host, huh?). But I don't think she minded. So it was a great day all round! My son behaved, & Mummy got some much-needed adult chit-chat! :-) I hadn't seen my friend since last October, and so it was lovely to see her. We actually both happened to be in Sweden at the same time, back in July, which was quite bizarre, I thought. After all, it's not the most obvious short break destination, but there you go...lol. I was up North meeting my boyfriend's family, and it turned out that she was going out with a guy whose friend was getting married in Sweden at the same time. However, due to the vast size of the country, we didn't get to meet then, which would have been cool.
Sadly, things haven't worked out with her boyfriend, and so I felt a bit guilty tonight when she was asking me about my relationship, and how it's going etc etc (it's going good). Two reasons really-one that I don't like to boast too much when things are going well with someone in case I jinx it, and two, her and her boyfriend only split up a few days ago,so I didn't really want to go on about how things are good for me (when they're not for her). Am I too sensitive, or just too nice? LOL...maybe both.
I must also report that my diet is going good-I was so horrified at my weight (no, I'm not telling!) on the scales the other day that it really shocked me. Enough is enough, I thought, and that was what I needed to finally get off my butt and start, despite the fact I'd had the food in for a couple of days already.
A typical day has been:
Breakfast: Porridge with raspberries
Lunch: Chicken, mixed bean, avocado, & red pepper wrap
Snack: Greek yoghurt, with honey & almonds
Dinner: Chicken salad
Tasty, fresh & light, which is what my lumpy body needs right now!
Will keep you all posted. I have to go now, as my son is doing his usual evening routine at a snail's pace to delay going to bed, & so I think a little light nagging is in order :-D

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